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Freakies In The Movies!
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, includes a scene with Chris Pratt having breakfast wearing his Freakies tee shirt.  

Marvel Studios

James Gunn, Director

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Bring'em back!

Thousands of emails asking us to bring the Freakies back!

"I would love for my boys to experience Freakies as I did. I have my plastic Freakies on display at all times."

- T. Johnson

"Hi! You know, it's not only parents who might want to keep the Freakies alive. My sisters and I (we're ages 29, 29, and 33)

have tried for years to remember the name of that funny monster cereal whose box was still so clear in our minds (except for the actual name). Just yesterday we brainstormed and managed to come up with the name, and then found the website. It's a great piece of nostalgia for young and the young-at-heart alike. Maybe this won't have as much clout as a plea from someone with kids, but we're all for it....and one day we might have some children too."


"My sisters and I had so much fun with Freakies cereal. We loved eating them, but we really enjoyed the little figurines & prizes that came in the box. We used to fight over who would be the lucky one to reach into the box to fish around for the toy. And, of course, we all had the t-shirts. I recently asked a friend if he remembered them and he unfortunately did not. He also thought that I was out of my mind and only my family could possibly have had anything called "Freakies" cereal. I

am thrilled that I found your web-site and would certainly buy the cereal if it were made available again. I'm so excited it's

almost embarrassing! I am ordering t-shirts for my sisters and me again."

- emazzei

"I recently discovered a Freakies fridge magnet at a friends, it set off a chain of great memories! As an, I loved the characters. I collected 2 complete sets one rubber and one plastic. I had them in a box with their story in my mother's basement. When I visit this Thanksgiving I'll have to see if they're still there over 20 years later. Did you have any

notion of the influence THE FREAKIES had on the developing minds of young artists? Thanks for the freakies, and the website;

and thanks for the memories.



"I have been telling our daughter about my love for Freakies so often, she thinks Mommy is a little crazy! I used to have an entire set of soft rubber figures, and I made extensive cardboard homes for them. My friends and I had our own little fan club, and I have never forgotten just how much fun Freakies were. We recently purchased a box of "Quisp" over the internet (since it isn't sold out West), and it brought a flood

of memories back about Freakies, and how much I wish they would come back! I know my daughter and her friends would

adore them, and the figures (the little rubber ones that I have long since lost) REALLY need to be made again, along with the cereal. PLEASE forward this letter to Ralston; I think Freakies would outdo Beanie Babies!!!! Thanks so much for this fun website...someone was really thinking of us Baby Boomers looking back to the good 'ol days of BossMoss and the gang!!!"

- L Green

"OK, I admit, I was one of those kids who was obsessed with Freakies for a time (I was 11 or 12). I spent my allowance on cereal and wrote to the cereal company to complete my collection of figurines (they graciously sent me Cowmumble, who I could never get in a box for some reason). Yes, I would

like my kids (5 and 7) to have the Freakies Experience!"

 - Ken, Lancaster PA

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